2018 Holiday Shop Announcement

Seasons Greetings,

The Holiday season seems to get longer and longer.  Christmas items start to appear on store shelves even before Labor Day.  However, all too often we hear “it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.”  Perhaps part of that is that we just go through the motions of the holidays and don’t actually take time to enjoy them.

Josh and I are determined to help you find that Christmas Spirit this year, and to have a good old-fashioned family Christmas, because that is what you are to us, family!
Christmas should be a treat for your senses, and if there is one thing that you could do this year to make the holidays feel more special, we recommend you ditch the artificial tree and go back to a real, freshly cut, tree.  Your home will feel much more festive when graced by a real tree that looks nostalgic and makes your home smell like real fresh pine.

We know that cutting down trees usually isn’t viewed as Environmentally Friendly, but choosing a real tree is actually good for the environment, and good for your community.  When you choose a real tree, you’re supporting Maryland Farmers.  Your real tree is recyclable and makes great mulch, instead of lasting forever in a landfill.  Real Christmas Trees are also a renewable/sustainable crop—for every tree that is cut down each year, 2 to 3 are planted to replace it.  Real trees also produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air, unlike the air pollution that is caused by the manufacturing of artificial trees.

This year we’re offering fresh cut trees at the area’s lowest prices.
Reserve Your Tree Online Today!
Pick-Up After Thanksgiving.

Our trees were grown in Garrett County, Maryland, and will be arriving at our holiday shop along Route 40 near Boonsboro just in time for our special Holiday Shop to open on Black Friday, November 23, 2018.

If you want to make sure we don’t sell out before you’re ready to decorate at home, you can reserve your tree today, and simply pick one out from the lot beginning on Black Friday.  We will take great care of your tree until you’re ready.

In addition to freshly cut trees, we will also be selling handmade ornaments and gift items from local artisans, crafters, and farmers.  Our sister store, The Vine Garden Plant Outlet will be joining our special Holiday Shop selling fresh wreaths, poinsettias and garland.

To add to the family fun, we have games and activities available for the whole family, and a certain man in a famous red suit may even make an appearance.

Happy Holidays,
-Kenny & Josh

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