Brunswick Main Street Vendor Application

The Brunswick Main Street Farmers Market is a joint partnership between Mid-Maryland Farm Market and Brunswick Main Street, and was established in 2020. This boutique farmers market offers upscale products at affordable prices and highlights the area’s best farmers and artisans.

Information for Potential Vendors

  • The Brunswick Main Street Farmers Market is a producer only market.  Vendors must grow or make what they sell, or provide a specific service.
  • Resale does not apply to most products at the Market.  All resale products must be approved by the Market Managers through a specific process, and are clearly identified for customers.
  • Arts and crafts being handcrafted by local artisans are permitted for sale, but must meet strict criteria and be approved in advance by the Market Manager.
  • Flea Market and Yard Sale items are not permitted for sale.
  • Local Small Businesses are encouraged to participate in the market if they meet vendor requirements.
  • Vendors sign a yearly agreement and agree to adhere to Brunswick Main Street Farmers Market rules and regulations.
  • Vendors supply their own tents, tables, and other equipment.
  • Electricity and Running Water are not provided.
  • Convenient access to Restroom Facilities may be limited during market hours.
  • Vendors are required to hold the certifications and licenses required for their products by Maryland Department of Agriculture, the Frederick County Health Department, and/or the Frederick County Office of the Fire Marshal.
  • Vendors must live within 50 miles of the market, or within a one hour drive.  While proximity to the market is considered, it does not ensure your ability to join–many other factors are considered.
  • Vendors must apply and be approved prior to participating in markets.
  • A grower who raises a single crop may apply to be a guest vendor for the time that crop is in season.

Applications are now being accepted.

You may apply online below. 

If you would prefer to download an application to mail click the icon below.
Be sure to include your cash, check, or money order payment with your printed application.

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2022 Vendor Fees
$10 (Cash preferred) paid at market each week of participation.